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Classic Team
Feb 25, 2017
School Team
Feb 4, 2017
EZ Fall Buddy
Dec 17, 2016

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2017 Tournament Trail

Airport Marine


$5,000 Guaranteed to First Place
$500 Guaranteed to Highest Finishing Parent Child Team
brought to you byAll South Excavating
$500 Guaranteed to Highest Finishing Mixed Couple Team
brought to you byOn Site Boat Care


$150 Per Tournament before Jan 31, 2017
$175 Per Tournament after Jan 31, 2017
$20 Big Fish
$10 Per Person (One Time Fee) Mandatory


  1. 5,000
  2. 2,000
  3. 1,850
  4. 1,750
  5. 1,500
  6. 1,400
  7. 1,300
  8. 1,200
  9. 1,100
  10. 1,000

Big Fish will be split 50/50 between Largemouth & Spotted Bass

Lakes will be off limits Monday - Blast Off Saturday the week of the tournament

Feb 25 Logan Martin Lakeside Landing
Apr 1 Smith Lake Dam
Apr 22 Lake Jordan Bonners
May 6 Lay Lake Open Paradise Point
Jun 10 Neely Henry City Landing

July 15 CLASSIC Lake to be drawn at tournament meeting on July 13 Payout is based on the number of entries in the classic

*This is a Triton Gold Sponsored Event along with Stratos 2x and Airport Marine Ranger Bonus
**Airport Marine will match the tournament winnings (not manufacturer bonuses) of highest finisher in Airport Marine Qualified Boat with 60 boats minimum.

Tournament Director: Clint Nail 205-482-1301

*See Triton Gold and Stratos 2x Earnings for Qualifications
Airport Marine Ranger bonuses will be paid in house with 60+ boats.
**A qualified boat is an original owner, 2-year-old or newer (from date of purchase) boat purchased from Airport Marine

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2016 EZ FALL Buddy Trail

Airport Marine, Inc. (205) 664-0407

Fish One and qualify for the Classic

Entry Fee $100

With a one time initiation fee of $30.00 per angler to be paid back in full at the CLASSIC.

Lay Lake Sep 3 Beeswax
Logan Martin Oct 22 Lakeside
Lake Jordan Nov 12 Bonner's
Lake Mitchell Nov 26 Higgins Ferry
Classic - Dec 17, 2016. Lake will be drawn from above lakes

Tournament Director: Flynn Gerald 205-283-6123

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More Information coming soon

Stiffler and Black We want to congratulate the team of Stiffler and Black for winning the #AirportMarine #ClassicTeamTrail Classic Tournament held on Lake Jordan at Bonners with a total weight of 15.24 lbs. The team of Yarbourogh and Dorsett won the big fish award with a weight of 4.68 lbs. Photographs

Hunter Penney and Lana Penney Congratulations to the team of Hunter Penney and Lana Penney for winning the Classic School Trail Tournament #STT on Logan Martin on June 25, 2016 with a total weight of 23.87 lbs. They won $500 each for placing first in the tournament, plus an additional $500 each for having the #AirportMarine logo on their jerseys. They also won big fish with a weight of 7.10 lbs.

Reed Montgomery Benefit TournamentWe want to thank everyone for coming out to support our long time friend.
View Photos

Triton Boats Ranger
Stratos Boats
Motivated Movers
America First
Pradco Fishing
Opening Drive

2017 School Team Trail

DownloadYou can download the Airport Marine Logo here

Airport Marine is sanctioned for BASS Masters High School Team Trail

Two kids from the 6th through the 12th grade (public school, private school, home school) with a captain 21 years or older is a TEAM (Nothing else required)

February 4, 2017Lake JordanBonners
February 18, 2017Lake MitchellHiggins Ferry
March 4, 2017Smith LakeSmith Lake Park
March 18, 2017Lake GuntersvilleGoose Pond
April 29, 2017Lay LakeParadise Point
May 20, 2017Logan MartinLakeside
June 3, 2017Henry NeelyCity Park

June 24, 2017
Lake to be drawn from above lakes.

Each Tournament

Up to $7,000 in scholarship money and prizes,
plus up to $7,500.00 in Triton Gold

  1. Anglers must fish five tournaments or place within the top 50% in order to qualify for the Classic.
  2. If you are in a qualified boat, captains will receive a $5,000.00 bonus in the Classic.
    Captains must fish three tournaments to qualify for the bonus.
    (A qualified boat is an original owner, 2 years old or newer purchased from Airport Marine)

These are Triton Gold Sponsored Events****

*Like us on all social media (facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.) and have Airport marine on Jerseys.
**Go to for registration and rules and regulations
***Qualified Boat is Original Owner, 2-year-old or newer purchased from Airport Marine
****See Triton Gold for Qualifications

Tournament Director: Flynn Gerald 205-283-6123

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Airport Marine has partnered with Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) of Alabama
and the Alabama Bass Federation, Inc, (ABF) More..>>
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